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02 April 2008 @ 11:28 pm

Title: The Price
Rating: PG13 (Trying to keep it as safe as)
Author: Blue Demon
Plot: After the first mission that they were sent on, Yzak has some problems and Dearka tries to help.
Note: This is my first Gundam Seed fic, some of the character's may seem OOC to which I apologise for.  Also had mild yaoi.








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01 October 2007 @ 11:35 pm

AD - Extravagant 01
13 February 2007 @ 09:32 pm
Aw this community is a little slow to start, but lately I've been so much in love with Yzak that I just can't this place go to waste!

I've been a fan of Yzak since I started watching Seed in '03 as it was airing. I didn't need subs or a real grip of Japanese to understand this feisty bishounen, but now I've gained both and can understand him better than ever. I finished watching Destiny some time again, but my true Yzak obsession didn't come about until a couple of months ago when smack bang my heart went from "Yeah he was hot!" --to-> "OMG I can't stop dreaming about you!" Now I'm absolutely obsessed with Yzak Jule (don't think my boyfriend would approve if he knew!)

Anyway, lately I've been working on a little Yzak/Dearka adventure fic where Yzak goes MIA and Dearka is at first under suspicion, but, thanks to Chairperson Lacus Clyne, is given the Eternal (under Kira's command) with which to find Yzak. During their journey, they come across three unmatured (young) Yzak clones (bearing Yzak's old scar) who Dearka names Yju, Zaju and Kuju. Together Dearka and the new crew of the Eternal are on a mission to find Yzak's kidnappers, and rescue Yzak. But will Dearka and the others be able to face what Yzak's become? Will they even be able to help him? Look forward to chapter posts here as I finish them!

Still in the creative frame, I sometimes have this habit of making "Mary-Sue" fanfiction, where I create a character that I'd like to be (who isn't me! Sometimes, I don't even agree with what this character says or does! Sometimes the character is male!) This fanfiction rarely goes far and of course I don't pollute fanfic sites with it. However, I've been obsessed with this ZAFT/Yzak RP one I've come up with lately where my character Hania Zaduel and her older brother (unnamed) are among four redcoats assigned to Commander Jule's Nazca class ship the Voltaire. Of course, I've fallen in love with the Commander but rules is rules and, don't worry, nothing would or could ever happen. Anyway, I thought this sounded like a cool RP idea to share with other people, so if anyone's interested in RP-ing this scenario with me here let me know (if that's ok with the mod, of course! ^_^)

Finally, I'd like to contribute some Yzak vids I found on youtube. Please note that I didn't make any of these; credits go to those who did, I'm just sharing the Yzak love!

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02 November 2006 @ 06:55 am
Generic welcome post. Hey! Welcome to yzak_love. Come join us because Yzak rules.

And to start off, here's a first post to anyone new, comment here with ideas for what to put in the userinfo? Or if you have any more links to any more sites, Yzak-focused, I'll post'em!
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